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5 Natural Remedies To Soothe Your Cold Symptoms

We all know them... They come out of the blue, mostly when it’s starting to get colder outside. Yes, I’m talking about the flu. Symptoms can cause a world of misery!

Starting with a tingle in your nose, then turning into a sore throat and next thing you know, you're lying in bed, unable to breathe, speak, move or even sleep. Your head pounding like someone is hitting you with a hammer and an enormous pressure on your nose and ears. This can last for up to two weeks. Luckily, there are quite a few natural remedies that will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Here are my top 5 easy natural remedies to treat your cold:

1. Listen to your body

If you’ve caught the flu, your body is probably trying to tell you, that your immune system is weakened. This could be the result of too much stress, a lack of sleep or too little fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Make sure you get lots of rest and treat yourself. Take a bath, read a book and get lots of sleep.

2. Drink lots of fresh filtered water

Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and will support the body’s natural healing process. It will also help flush out all the toxins from your body that are causing inflammation.

3. Ginger, turmeric and lemon tea

This is my absolute go-to drink when I am feeling sick. Ginger and turmeric are highly strengthening to the immune system, soothe pain and have great detoxifying properties. They also contain powerful antioxidants and are loaded with nutrients and minerals.

All you need is a small pot, water, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric and half a lemon.

Fill the pot with 1 liter of filtered water and bring to a boil.

Cut a 2 cm piece of each ginger and turmeric into fine slices and add to the boiling water. Let it cook for 1-2 min and then let it sit for about 10-15 min. Strain the tea into a cup and add a pinch of lemon. Drink the tea while it is hot.

4. Apple cider vinegar shot

This one is powerful! Apple Cider Vinegar is highly acidic, which means bacteria cannot survive in its environment. It also contains potassium, which thins mucus and is very beneficial to curing nasal congestion, not to mention all the other health benefits it has. Apple cider vinegar contains probiotics that benefit your digestion, soothes a sore throat and boosts your energy levels. Yes, please!

All you need is 1 tablespoon of unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar, a glass, 100 ml of water, and ½ teaspoon of spirulina (optional). Mix it all together and drink. That’s it! I like to add spirulina because it gives the mixture a better taste and adds a ton of other vitamins and minerals.

5. Oil pulling

Right after you wake up in the morning, swish around a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 15-20 min. This binds all the bad bacteria, which have accumulated in your mouth overnight. Coconut oil also has lots of anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe a sore thought. Spit it out into a tissue after 15-20 min. Afterwards, rinse your mouth with warm water or mouthwash.

I hope these natural remedies will soothe your symptoms. Usually, my cold lasts no longer than 2-3 days.

Remember, your body needs time to heal, so get lots of rest and stay in bed until you have fully recovered to avoid getting sick again.


Hi there! I'm Kimberley Krieger, holistic health coach, and passionate chef.

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me on social media @kimberleykrieger when making one of my dishes. I love seeing your versions! Hope you enjoy recreating this delicious recipe. 


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