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Having a beautiful Instagram feed should not cost you an arm and a leg! In fact, it should be super simple and effortless to make creating even more fun!

I've bundled up a total of 40 Lightroom Presets in this Prime Collection Pack to make your editing process a whole lot easier & cheaper and more professional!

Each preset has it's own personal magic and all together they will transform your pictures into masterpieces!

The Prime Collection is specially designed to make your skin glow, colors pop and give your pictures a natural warm look. The presets will brighten up your images, remove unwanted dark shadows and give your pictures a more expressive look!




  • 20x Desktop Presets for Adobe Lightroom CC
  • 20x Mobile Presets for your FREE MOBILE Adobe Lightroom CC app
  • Installation PDF




  1. Bellissima
  2. Buddha
  3. Crystal Waters
  4. Desert Glow
  5. Dive In
  6. Dreamy
  7. Dusty
  8. Endless Views
  9. Glow Up
  10. Italian Summer
  11. Jungle Princess
  12. Lady In Blue
  13. Morning In Paradise
  14. On Top Of The World
  15. Pure
  16. Rock & Role
  17. Sandy
  18. Sunkissed
  19. Temple
  20. Waterfall Flow


Please remember, not every preset will work with each and every single picture. Some presets work better on dark pictures & some work better on lighter ones. Some add contrast to faded colors and some will make your image look softer.


Please click on this link for a full Video Guide on how to download and install the presets on your smartphone: HOW TO INSTALL PRESETS ON MY PHONE



The Prime Collection | Preset Pack

€29,90 Regular Price
€12,99Sale Price
  • The Mobile Pack is in .dng file

    The Desktop Pack is in .xmp file

    Works on all latest versions of Lightroom CC

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