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Fall in love with taking care of yourself ! 


Save money on medical bills

Take your health into your own hands and likely avoid many preventable diseases by making simple lifestyle adaptations

Stay on track with your goals 

I will hold you accountable which will effectively help you achieve your goals one step at a time

Create new healthy habits

We will create healthy habits that fit right into your daily life, without strict dieting or calorie restrictions

Long term results 

Adding exciting and fun new hobbies into your everyday life will ensure long term results.   

Useful information

Receive valuable information in form of handouts, books and films, a cooking workshop and a supermarket tour

A safe space to talk 

I will provide a safe space to talk about your health and wellness goals/fears. Without judgment, pressure or criticism.

Book a FREE discovery session with me to get clear on your goals!

This is a great chance to find out what it would be like having me as your health coach. 

Book free

In your FREE discovery session:


  • We will take a look at your habits, current health, and main health concerns.

  • I will guide you to identify your main long term goals.

  • I will give you techniques to start working on your goals right away.

I know, I know, taking the first step is extremely hard. Not knowing what to expect, having doubts or a fear of failing. Do I have the time, the money, the energy, the willpower? Those questions are absolutely normal! 


As your health coach: 


  • I provide a safe space for you to express and talk about your health goals and concerns. 

  • My number one priority is ensuring a judgemental free environment.

  • I will support you without any pressure or criticism and make sure you move at your own pace so that your achievements are sustainable.

  • I will make sure you reach your health goals and will help you overcome any obstacles along the way.

  • I will guide you to using your time, money and energy more effectively while gaining health and vitality. 



We often forget that our health is not only determined by our food and exercise patterns. Our career, relationships, and our spirituality have a huge effect on our overall health too.This is why I focus on the whole picture and that's what truly makes the difference!



Caught your interest? Book a FREE discovery session and see what health coaching can do for you!

This is a free 50 minute initial health history session that will help you get clear on your goals! A health history session provides a preview of what it would be like t...
Free Health Session
50 min
Free Consultation

"Just as food causes chronic disease,

it can be the most powerful cure."


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